You know, one gets to wonder about the criteria reputable companies use to make partnerships on the internet.

I never signed for Bing, willingly, that is, and the bloody thing keeps on popping up in more than one of my computers. If if try to get rid of it, it pops again! I see no use for Bing, which seems to be just a cover for a google search. So, it leads me to think that google contractually allows the company to use its search engine (and serve its ads).

The question is, what method is being used for Bing to apparently embed in people’s browsers. That should be considered. It sounds like a virus to me. Call me paranoid.

Sure the company must be serving millions of ads a day, and earning high commissions from Mr. G, commissions that might not have to be paid if people went direct to the g spot anyway. So it does not make commercial sense. God forbid I tried a stunt like this! 

That is not all.

I never signed up for Juno, then one day, a charge appears on my card (the credit card company actually called and I disputed the call). Then I got a CD, a welcome kit from Juno in the mail.

That was the only bogus charge I got on the card, no it was not a case of identity theft.

How did the charge appear, and how my address was provided to Juno, I have no idea. A quick search on the web revealed I am not alone. Plus, I suppose the credit card company knew about problems involving Juno…

Just exactly companies such as these remain in business is what I would like to know.  




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