Has atheism become a proselytic religion?

An atheistic association has recently spent a sizable amount of money, namely, $20,000, putting up a large billboard in the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. The purpose of the message was to denounce Christmas as a myth.

The contract was not renewed for December, and the space was taken up by Times Square church in New York.

While I do not agree with atheism, I do believe people are entitled to their opinions – and subject to the consequences thereof.

Atheists proclaim there is no God, and therefore, in their thinking religions are a waste of time.

There is a lot of atheistic influence in society today. A large number of influential people believe man can solve all of humanity’s problems, and a new moral has been created in the form of politically correct behavior and philosophy.

Be that as it may, putting up a billboard in the entry of New York, at great expense, seems to indicate that atheism, more than a mere negative belief, is in fact flexing its muscles into becoming a proselytic religion. The object of worship in that religion is not God, but rather, humanity itself. Such a message has great appeal in the hedonistic and narcisistic society America is fast becoming.

The main object of the billboard was obviously “converting” people into this new religion. A spokesperson for the atheistic society went as far as bragging about the fact the billboard cost US$20,000, and they got US$65,000 in donations from other practitioners.

In other words, this new religion is practicing one of the things atheists have long criticized theist religions for, the requirement of financial contributions from members.

What exactly is the advantage of joining this “religion”, I do not know. A recent academic study on the things that make a person happy lists having a religion among the top ten. There is no sight of not having a religion in this list. I have not seen any atheistic societies running programs for the poor, young, homeless, drug and family rehab, running hospitals, providing assistance to disaster afflicted areas. In other words, it serves no role in the betterment of society, besides pushing an agenda.

It seems that the main objective is enlisting people in the new politically correct, narcissistic and hedonistic construct of society.


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