Two myths undone

There is a myth that it is impossible to eat a bad meal in Paris. Pure baloney.

After a walking for a while inside the Pompidou Center Museum of Modern Art, both myself and my wife worked up quite an appetite. As there are quite a few restaurants around the area, we decided to pick one up.

After quick deliberation, we choose a restaurant called Chouchou. I wish I had not.

We ordered each a Formule, which means a special containing an appetizer and an entree. I ended up ordering a 3-vegetable mousse, and a bavette, which is a beef cut, with fries. The appetizer was in the range of OK to tasteless. The bavette was almost raw, although I asked for medium, and the meat itself was very rubbery and hard at the same time. Just horrible. The French fries were just adequate. Service was indifferent and kind of slow.

I believe the guys that run the place were Moroccan, so maybe I would have been better off eating a Moroccan dish. Well, it is done, but I will definitely not return.

The other myth is that it is impossible to eat a special meal at a chain restaurant.

Sure there are the Applebees of the world, that serve food that feel like TV dinners. However, I found that Chez Clement in Paris manages to serve very special dishes, with good level of service.

I honestly was not aware that it was a chain, until my wife pointed out we had just seen another Chez Clement around Bastille. We ate the at the one nearby the Arc de Triomphe. What a meal. I had this pork rib, with potatoes, mushroom and apple, that was to die for. I was very pleased with my meal, and the service was good too.

It seems there are over 10 Chez Clements all over Paris. If all are as good as the Champs Elysee one, go for it!


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