Facebook, friendship redefined

I used to get these notices from facebook, saying that the network did not allow adding people you don’ t know, even threatening removal of the account. I never got the account removed, however, I did manage to add a few thousand people I did not know.

No surprising the rule did not get me removed. Part of FB’s success is not following through on the very rules it creates. Nowadays, a good example is the non-pornography rules. There are tons of soft-porn profiles, some of which are “recommended” as subscriptions by the site itself.

Among my interests is car racing. So, I got to add quite a few drivers, old and new. The young ones are funny.

They will add anybody, whether or not they know you, when they are mostly unknown and beginning their career, I suppose hoping you are a journalist or prospective sponsor, or a real die hard fan. A fan a la Flight of the Concords, which has a single fan, if you know what I mean.

Once they advance a little bit in racing, they simply drop you! It happened to me with an American driver who went as far as GP2 and a French one who is in DTM. I suppose they figure people like me are not all that interesting, no money or rides will come from me, so they start adding pit babes .

I don’t mind. In all honesty, I kinda see Facebook in a pragmatic fashion as well.

Post adolescents are a blast. A lot of them might keep you for a season, as you personally know them and their parents. Then, they start doing funky stuff online, posting semi-lewd photos, wild party stuff, and demonstrating a nasty streak they obviously hide from their parents, and soon drop you, lest their misbehavior be unveiled to surprised mom and dad.

Pragmatically, it means a few less wedding presents to send. If you know what I mean.


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