How reliable are internet statistics

Computers are supposed to be super exact, and current processing capacity is supposed to ensure that. Yet, the more I come to think of it, they are a tad unreliable.

Try matching statistics within a site itself, and you get wonderfully conflicting information. Harmonizing more than one site is breathtaking. You never get figures that add up.

Take the statistics in blogger and wordpress. The number of page views in different areas of admin never add up.

Trying to make sense of visits to your website, to control adwords costs is a joke. The site admin might say 500 people visit your site from google during a month, then adwords says 600 clicks! Or sometimes the other way around. The numbers never harmonize.

More than once I wonder about them clicks…

Getting adsense to make sense with pages visited is also a major mathematical dilemma. Could never do it.

Then, there are the unreliable statistics generated by b2evolution, another blogging software. There are identifiable items in the admin area, and unidentifiable. You never know how much your blog is really being viewed only by robots or by actual people. I suspect most web traffic is generated by search engine robots and spam robots. I get tons of Russian visitors, anywhere I go…And my sites have nothing to do with Russia.

Additionally, something has happened with google searches and b2evolution. A couple of years back, I could get the search term for almost every google search on he admin area, now, it is either a lot of unexplained repetition, or nothing. This certainly does not help matters at all.

Plus spam still rules. Email, in blogging software.

In facebook things are not better. I used to get wildly oscillating number of friends for a while. Sometimes, the variation would be as much as ten during a day. This is quite surprising, for a site that is supposedly run by state of the art equipment and software…

So, next time anybody quotes you web statistics, just laugh on his(her) face, it is all hogwash.


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