A sad thing about Facebook. Or kids growing up

It is not Facebook’s fault, it is life on its earnest.

A few years ago, I moved far away, and left a lot of people behind. Among them, this family that had a cute, quiet kid, who seemed very groomed, proper and intelligent.

Well, I befriended the kid in Facebook.

After a period in which he seemed to have a future in sports, now the youngster has assumed the gangsta persona.  His posts are so full of the “F” word and s**t, that it sounds like a Hollywood script. He, like millions of others, entertains the silly idea he will be a hip-hop star. Plus he is as white as it comes and his rhymes pretty much suck.

So, while social networks are excellent to keep up with people, and see they are doing well, they also allow us to witness a person’s undeterred descent.

I hope somewhere the kid wakes up from the hip-hop dream.


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