Over-reaction to the nth degree

Let me start by saying I do like the Beatles. I do fancy John Lennon. He was not my favorite beatle, but I acknowledge his contribution to music. He would probably not be a very good friend to me, as I found celebrities aren’t. At the least the few I met, are not ~good friend~ material. People love to say they are good friends with celebrities, because that supposedly raises their importance in society. So, we get the impression that they are good friend material, after all. You say a lie too often it becomes truth.

This post is not really about that. Is about an overreaction to a news article that was published on the internet. Supposedly, in Britain, somebody has vetoed, rather, prohibited playing Lennon’s “Imagine” in funerals.

People were going bonkers, as if somebody had excluded playing Bach in churches.

Anti-church people went crazy, of course. I suppose playing Marilyn Mason would be suitable to them. Come on, you are in a church, in a service, and the words “imagine there is no religion” does sound a bit off. To me, it is very simple.

Lennon was a man, like me, and you the reader. Sure, a good composer, only a reasonable musician and singer. Had great imagination, but he was no saint.

He is seen as the proponent of peace, he and his bride Yoko. Yet, on the same album in which the “peace anthem” Imagine appears, he slams his old pal Paul McCartney in a song called ‘How do you sleep”. A few years later realizing his faux pas, he kinda hinted the song is not about Paul, but it obviously is. Even if it is not,  JL shows in the song the aggression that people close to him always reported.

How can you have peace in the world, if the man writing the peace anthem cannot keep peace with his buddies?

Sure, I have my issues as well, as JL did. But let us stop imagining JL was somebody he was not. Just because he died a terrible death, that does not make him a saint.  Imagine is a good song, I am positive, imbued with good intentions, but I agree that it might be left out of funerals, especially in churches.

If you want to have your atheist or agnostic world views, fine, but keep it out of churches.


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