How much should we trust software companies

Ok, I accept that we are in the technological age. Which supposedly makes all things easy. Software and computers order things in a more rational fashion. Does it?

I subscribe to a couple of Adobe online products. You know, Adobe is probably second only to Microsoft in the consumer software market.

Well, my credit card was expiring, so I get this email from Adobe, telling me to follow a link to update the card.

I thought this would be a two minute thing.

Guess what? The link led me to nowhere land, something that did not recognize me as a customer, whereas I visit the site everyday. Then, I peruse the entire site, to see if there were any links. Nope!

My last option was to chat with a representative. I spent about half an hour, chatting with a couple of folks in the Indian subcontinent, only to be told that I needed to call a toll-free phone number to provide a different card!


In other words, we are supposed to trust that the companies that operate that way will make software that will work 100 % properly.

I don’t think so, sorry.


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