Frustration and sex sells

I suppose for most the Internet can be a source for frustration, specially if you believe the success stories of viral youtube videos, e-retailers who built a business from scratch, overnight success bloggers and people who built fortunes on adsense.

I write on several different blogs, about a variety of things, in different languages. At best, my posts get a few hundred readings during a lifetime. I have a very old blog where some posts have been “read” a few times, but I don’t kid myself. Irrespective of what my stats say, I know that a lot of these visits are by robots, or even people who do not understand the language. My ideas and information are not really getting across to a large number of people, and I can tell that by how many web searches actually lead to my posts.

I do believe I have things to say, but obviously, no one is listening.

Then I did a test.

I created a post in a blog saying “Naked pictures of —-“. “—-” is a young Hollywood actress, who, I think, is not really prone to showing her pudenda about town. At least she seems that way, unlike Kate Winslet who, given any chance, will disrobe and show off. I do not frequent porno sites or celeb titillation sites, so I do not know for sure.

Needless to say, the post has no naked picture of anybody. It is a joke.

Yet, search engines direct thousands of hits to that post everyday. It is by far, the most successful post of my humble internet career. And it is a joke, some ill humored porno addicts might call it a distasteful lie. It is ranked number 1, and the post gets hits from all over the world, through different search strings.

Which leads me to think that, sadly, sex does sell without any investment.


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